Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish
Peralta, New Mexico, USA

Corpus Christi Fiesta 2009
Sangre de Cristo Mission
Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish Parish
Peralta, NM

The Feast of Corpus Christi — the Body and Blood of Christ — was celebrated at our Sangre de Cristo mission church with a Mass and fiesta on Saturday, June 13. The Knights of Columbus joined in the celebration, along with representatives of the parish music ministry.

The primary celebrants of the Mass were our pastor Father Hoi Tran and Deacon Eddie Espinosa. Many of our parish ministries also did a lot to make the fiesta a success.

A procession around the church followed the Mass.

The Knights of Columbus and the singers were part of the procession.

The procession visited four altars. These were sponsored by
the Youth Group
the Blue Army of Our Lady of Fatima
and the Marian Movement,
Erlinda Moya and family,and the Ernest Martinez family.
The procession ended with a return into the church for a final prayer and benediction.

Then the festivities could really begin.

The Mayordomos, with a lot of help, had prepared a beef brisket feast with all the trimmings, including some of the county's best red chile, corn, and beans. It was truly a feast for all ages.

There were more activites after the meal, especially including a cake walk for everyone and a piņata
for the kids. A great time was had by all.

Special thanks to Patricia & Phillip Armijo and Carla & Elias Maez, who have agreed to serve as
Sangre de Cristo Mayordomos for another year, and to Sally & Lorenzo Perea, who have agreed to join them in that capacity. They and everyone they talked into helping them made this year's fiesta a great success.

Now we just have to wait for next year's celebration.

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Last updated June 19, 2009