Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish
Peralta, New Mexico, USA

Las Posadas, 2002

Celebrating Mass at the Sangre de Cristo Chapel for Las Posadas
Las Posadas commemorate the trials of Joseph and Mary before the birth of the Christ child, particularly their unsuccessful search for a place to stay in the normal travelers' lodgings. Each night for nine nights leading up to Christmas, their search is replayed in a ritual procession, followed by a holiday Mass and a major celebration.

Las Posadas have long been a favorite of Hispanic Catholic communities. Here in Peralta, all parts of our parish community are able to get in on the fun.

Participating in the Mass for Las Posadas
The Masses for Las Posadas this year were held in our parish's historic Sangre de Cristo Chapel. This warm, confortable church is several miles down the Rio Grande valley from our primary parish church. It was decorated for the occasion by the chapel's mayordomos. One decoration highlight was the spectacular larger-than-life-sized folk art crucufix made by a local artist, shown in the snapshot above.

The people came to celebrate the season in a way that reflects our region's history and heritage. They brought their warmth and their faith, and made the chapel glow with their candles and their presence. Now everyone is looking forward to next year's Advent Season.

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Last updated January 19, 2003